Wednesday, March 17, 2010



flaptraps said...

Hey Jarvis! these are great! the soldier one i think could use some work, some foreground middle ground definition. and some variation in sizes( like the soldiers, maybe just play a bit with there positions i think) but the other two are great! the lighting on the piano guys is super dope and all the textures...awesome. Keep it going g, and thanks for sending me them it was cool to check out and im happy you got something out of my stuff!! o and bye the way i think the freeway piece and your rocks and stuff are super good, make sure to not stray to far away from that style! colors, shapes, super awesome!



Jarvis Taylor said...

thanks Rich for the feed back I will definitely take everything you said into consideration. The thing I love most about your techniques is the way your able to use light, color, and texture (which are my favorite subjects to deal with in my art). I just need to find a middle ground between your techniques and my own. I have been working really hard and hope to one day be able to work in the animation industry. Thanks again for the critique. MUCH APPRECIATED